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SPARK! - A Heart Centered Journey of Growth, Reflection and Unleashing Your Warrior Soul.


This book was created to help embrace your authentic self and share that astonishing light with the world. The art activities below are part of that embrace and part of your very specific journey to yourself.  You will learn more about yourself and your path than you ever thought possible. Find your Spark... Light the whole world. 

"Chapter 3 Self Love Activity"

In this activity we use art to connect with out thoughts and feelings of who we are and who we want to become. This video and activity are a fun, magical lens to view yourself. Let go and have fun.

"Chapter 4 Journey to Connection"

 In this activity we are using art to bring together all the people we deeply love and care for in our life.  People that have helped us and changed us.  Honoring the complexity of our life and all its bits and pieces. Enjoy!

"Chapter 5 Warrior Soul Activity"

The art in this chapter is about bringing together all our Warriors, our Icons, the people that encourage, inspire and teach us.  It helps us look at how far and wide our inspirations exist in our life. From music, sports, community leaders, to historical and public figures people inspire us and change our lives.

"Chapter 6 North Star Activity"

In Chapter 6 we do things a bit differently.  We are making a bracelet to use like a rosary or a mala to be able to feel spirit throughout the day whenever we need it. This, like the others is a very personal project where we bring in what truly matters to us and connects us to something bigger.  Breathe, relax, connect. 

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